Sunday, January 4, 2009

Teri and me on Christmas Eve.

pics of the kiddos. we had a guitar themed Christmas this year. shae got a real accustic guitar and the other three got toy ones. Elle is starting a band in the neighborhood. practice is on fridays not saturdays cause that would interfere with her club that goes from 4:00pm to 4:30 or 4:31pm as she puts it.

Computer is up and Running

So as you all know my very old (8years) computer died a couple of months ago and i have been using Tim's work computer. Well now that i have this new one I can start to be a little better at posting new stuff. i will work on it. that will be my new years resolution. plus if you notice that i don't use capital letters alot it is because this new keyboard is freaking weird and you have to like hold down the shift key for a long time for it to work. so there you go. ta ta for now.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

80's Christmas Party

So we went to a Christmas Party that was a little different. We had a 80's theme. It was so much fun thank you Kelly Dearth for making it such a fun memory. This is Tim and I in our Naughty and Nice eye patch sleepy things.
Aren't theses the cutiest leg warmers ever. That is one thing I am glad that has come back from the 80's.

The whole gang.

Tim is a tennis player with the shortest shorts and the ugliest wig ever. Every time I looked at him I bust out laughing. I am a Flashdance dancer with the reddest lipstick ever. We won second place in the best costume contest. Rachelle and John Owens won first. They deserved it.

We got second place in the tree ripping contest. Team work.

Kids Pictures By Aunt Helen

We picked the perfect time to take these beautiful pictures in American Fork Canyon on the Alpine Loop. Helen is such a talented photographer. I am so lucky to have her as a sister. Love you Helen.

This is Finn or aka Finn the Man, Finnamon and Finners. He is 22 months in this picture. What a cutie.

This is our Olivia or aka Ollo, Oliva, Oskie, Snowflake or just O. She changes her name almost every day. She is four years old and 22 months.

This is Elle or aka Ellkins. She is almost seven going on sixteen. She pretty much knows how to put on her own make up and do her hair. She is also a huge help when she wants to be.

This is our Shae or aka Shae Shae, Bucking Bronco. He is not our little boy anymore. He has grown up so much. His shoe size is bigger than mine now. He is loving sixth grade and likes his teacher alot. He is growing up before our eyes. He is eleven now and twelve in April.

Computer Dies

So our family computer of eight years has finally hit the dust. I frankly I am overjoyed. It was touch and go for a while because I thought that I might of lost all of my pictures on the hard drive but because I have some wonderfully talented computer geeks in my family they were able to save the day and the hard drive was fine. Yahhhh! So we still need to get a new computer and I have been doing all my stuff on Tim's work computer so basically I have had to stick to the basics. But I did download some pictures to his computer so I will post them.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our Anniversary

I know it is Veteran's Day but that is the beauty of having an anniversary on a national holdiay. Your husband never forgets and nobody else does either. Thank you to all who called today. You are awesome. Plus I will never forget how many years we have been married because we were married in 2000. So whatever year it is that is how many years we have been married. So it has been eight years (2008) that Tim and I have been married and I can't believe it. The time has gone by so quickly. Wow I am getting old. But pretty soon ten years will be rolling around and I know that will come so fast. Tim is a sweetheart. He did the number one thing he should have done and he got me two dozen long stemmed roses just like I like. He is way too good to me. I love you babe and here is to another many many years together. Love you!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween Fun

So this year Shae was a skeleton face hoodie scary boy, Elle was a diva (Hannah Montana), Olivia was a good witch, and Finners was a cowboy. Finn was not cooperating very well but as of lately he has discovered that he really loves candy. So all I had to do was tell him that if he put his vest and chaps on people would give him candy. That was all he needed to be bribed. The kids had tons of fun and fortunately it wasn't too cold but it did rain a little. The kids got so much candy I will have to be hiding a bunch for later. Finn has also discovered that he is a chocolaholic. He must have gotten that from Tim not me.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Blogging Update

So I haven't update my blog in six months, that is not that long is it. The thing is I hate my computer because it is so slow and so I hate getting on it. I have a ton of things to put on it but I am holding out for a new lap top so then I will update more often. I was hoping for one soon but with how the financial market and the economy are going it may be a while. So until then I will do my best to do something. Elle was on tv the other day and she was adorable. She has lost four teeth in like a two week span so she basically can't bite anything. Shae is in 6th grade and wow I will have a kid in Junior high next year. Can you say old? He likes his teacher and doing well in school. His ankle is healing just great from his surgery and is ready to play sports now. Olivia or should I say Ollo is super cute. Her, Finn and I get to spend all of our days together. She does however like to go play with as many friends as possible. She is super funny and says the cutest things all the time. Finn is following in his sisters footsteps and not talking that much yet. He will be two right after Christmas and still only says Mama and Dada. But as a mom yall know that he still can communicate really well and I always seem to know what he wants or needs. He is also the skinniest little thing you have ever seen. We need to put some weight on him. I will do a post soon on Halloween with some pictures. Oh yes lets get an update on Tim. We are still in limbo about his job and anyone in the financial industry is in limbo. We are staying optimistic and I know that things will turn out for the best. Well elections are tomorrow and I hope the people of this country make the right choice. Thank goodness that whoever wins at least we know that Heavenly Father will guide our leaders as long as they are listening. Our country needs a lot of help right now and lets all pray that the right things will be done to stabilize it.

Friday, April 4, 2008

St George 02.09.08

Skiing at Sundance March 3, 2008

Tim, Shae, Elle and I went skiing at Sundance in March. It was Elle's first time and she did so good. After about three times down the bunny hill she was ready for the big mountain. She went down the green run four times and did so awesome. I guess she has Tim's natural athletic ability. Shae has gone a couple of times this year because he has the fifth grade ski pass this year and can ski for free. He is getting really good too. We had so much fun and it was a perfect day at Sundance.